Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Didn’t The Phantom Menace begin with a trade war?

GOP strategists say Trump's threat of a trade war appears to be in part timed to Pennsylvania's March 13 special election.

An economic analysis of Trump's proposed steel and aluminum tariffs shows that for every US job they would create, five would be lost.

Quick analysis of Sam Nunberg’s surreal Monday, when he told everybody he won’t (but might) comply with Mueller.

“[It’s] very effective and extremely disorienting. We’ve had trouble even reporting on this data because we’re so confused about what’s going on and it’s so hard to make sense of things.” Even those researching today’s online disinformation have trouble separating conspiracies from truth.

For the fourth straight year, fewer people watched the Academy Awards on television–though that may be more because many people are now watching or following online and not, as some on the right claimed, because Hollywood caters to liberal audiences.

The flu season is finally abating, with fewer doctors' visits reported as of Feb. 24.

Secret NYPD files show rampant officer violence against innocents—and taxpayers foot millions in coverups.

Trump is on a diet; it's apparently been two weeks since he's been spotted eating a hamburger.

With larger populations and longer lifespans, the palliative care industry must prepare for a lot more death.

The late Ellsworth Kelly's first (and final) piece of architecture is now open in Austin.

A look back at postwar British experimental literature, publishing blank pages and rejecting Kingsley Amis.

A satellite about the size of a mini-fridge could bring internet to planes and far-flung Earth locales.

Since 1997, essentials—healthcare, housing, food—have become more expensive; TVs and cars are getting cheaper.