Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Don’t believe your eyes

The Biden administration plans to introduce regulations requiring airlines compensate passengers for cancellations and delays. / Associated Press

"There are no fixed borders between a pandemic...and the ensuing endemic phase." Does the end of Covid emergency declarations mean the pandemic is over? / STAT

See also: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." / Wikipedia

Ahead of a potential IPO, Shein is under US investigation for claims the company uses cotton sourced from Xinjiang, which would violate forced labor laws. / Quartz

See also: "There are plenty of ways that Temu could fail, leaving behind little more than a few million tons of polyester and dead lithium-ion batteries as its legacy." / Intelligencer

From social networks to matchmaking apps, tech companies have delivered India's caste system into the digital era—rather than dismantling it. / Hyperallergic

Researchers say claims of AI's emergent properties are overblown—depending, that is, on how you measure its abilities. / Stanford University

So far, courts have rebuffed attempts to claim video evidence may have been deepfaked—but the strategy could one day make proof harder to prove. / NPR

"There has not been mass unemployment among gas station workers and the electrical grid has not collapsed." What it's like in Norway, where 80% of new cars sold last year were EVs. / The New York Times

Following news of the new Zelda game leaking, Nintendo moves to take down tools used for emulating and unlocking Switch consoles. / Ars Technica

See also: A lovely interactive feature chronicles the many ways The Legend of Zelda has changed gaming for the past four decades. / The New York Times

A deep explainer on the lo-fi magic of VHS audio. / YouTube

On "phrogging," the act of someone secretly living in another person's house—it may or may not be a real thing, though instances have been documented. / Lifehacker

Archaeologists have discovered a 7,000-year-old road, now sunken, that once connected an artificial landmass to a Croatian island. / Motherboard

Virtual tours of the starship Enterprise through its many incarnations. / The Roddenberry Archive