Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Don’t blame avocado toast.

It’s been 30 years since the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Hong Kong maintains its annual vigil.

In a rare acknowledgement from the Chinese government, a minister actually defends the killings of hundreds or perhaps thousands of unarmed protesters.

Answers from inside Venezuela to uncomfortable questions about a suffering nation.

If the nation had followed California's path to energy efficiency, US greenhouse gases would be almost 25 percent lower.

As the American West enters fire season: Humans cause the vast majority of California's wildfires, but about a quarter have “undetermined" starts.

When I asked a woman I was then dating in Manhattan, an editor at the publisher Dutton, to go with me to New Mexico, she said, “What would I do out there, bake bread?” A lovely short essay about falling in love with life in the West.

Stylists and fashion designers can't get enough of 1970s rock climbers.

Women, women everywhere: Paintings by Chicago's Laura Berger.

New York infrastructure has become wildly expensive. E.g., the city regularly spends up to $5 million on freestanding bathrooms.

“Data humanism,” as performed by Giorgia Lupi, has created a hand-drawing trend in the field of information design.

Some millennials went looking for people leading activist lives full of purpose, devotion, and ritual—so they moved in with nuns.

According to Pew, only 12 percent call themselves consistently conservative or mostly conservative, the lowest of any American generation.

Don’t blame the avocado toast: Millennials aren't so different from their parents in how they spend their money—they just have less to spend.

In 1963, an American artist drew the modern “smiley face” for $45, then a French journalist secured the trademark and made millions.

Jay-Z is hip-hop’s first billionaire.

The food media world has become addicted to stories of male chefs redeeming themselves of past sins.

Fiction by newsletter: After government-by-algorithm goes wrong, a truth and reconciliation commission harbors dark secrets.