Jane Birkin's name was misspelled in yesterday's newsletter. Nous sommes désolés pour l'erreur.

340,000 UPS workers are poised to start the largest single-employer strike in United States history over protections from extreme heat. / LAist

Pennsylvania locomotive manufacturing workers go on strike for greener technology. / Grist

Did you know? The average electric vehicle is heavier than the average gasoline car, but lighter than many gasoline SUVs. / Sustainability by the Numbers

"Lights-out manufacturing" refers to factories that can operate without any humans on site. / Material World

China wants to export the developmental model that "raised its people out of obscurity and poverty." / Noema

Since 2012 homelessness in Texas dropped 28%, while it grew by 43% in California. Why? Because housing. / Calmatters

Photographs from a Los Angeles alligator farm. Photographs of boardwalk roller skaters in the 1970s. / Public Domain Review, Flickr

Interviews with tailors and shoe-repair workers in London. / Vestoj

A diary from a first-time visitor to Disney World, who arrived with an armful of academic papers. "The puzzles were four in number." / The Paris Review

The Toronto Zoo asks visitors to stop showing smartphones to the gorillas—they like them too much and it can lead to antisocial behavior. / The Toronto Star

FYI: "Voting for the 2023 America's Best Restroom contest is officially open." / America's Best Restroom Award