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Republicans vote to release a secret Republican memo about the FBI—though not a secret Democrat memo—no matter that the Justice Department says releasing it is "extraordinarily reckless."

A Taliban suicide bomber used ambulances to kill over 100 people in the worst attack in Kabul in months.

“​I think it led to a sense of false equivalence that was misleading, and I regret my role in doing that.” In a rare mea culpa, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says the press diluted Trump’s faults by lowering the bar for Clinton criticisms.

Here’s what we know so far about Trump’s first State of the Union speech, and here are five things to watch for.

The White House releases its favorite quotes from Trump’s first year, including none of his memorable lines.

A list of the 10 times Trump has “prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice.”

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase are teaming up to start a healthcare company.

American mothers die too often in childbirth, due to more complicated pregnancies, convoluted care, and our system’s complacency.

Researchers tested two placebos against each other; patients responded better to the more expensive one.

“Every activity that didn’t involve a screen was linked to more happiness, and every activity that involved a screen was linked to less happiness.” A study of teenagers’ mental health finds that life gets worse—for adults, too—the more time you spend on a screen.

A philosophical argument to prove an existence for "the self" says to reconsider the five ways we think it exists.

The New York Times confronts Hollywood actors, marketing "influencers," and Kathy Ireland over buying legions of fake Twitter followers.

Everyone's talking about the SNL Aziz Ansari skit because it's still tough to talk about the Aziz Ansari story.

An entertaining glimpse into what it takes to produce the straight-to-DVD, low-budget gangster films that constitute Britain’s “hard-man” movie scene.

In Palermo, Sicilian teenagers equip their bikes with car batteries and speakers to create roving sound systems.

London reaches its annual legal air pollution limit after just one month.

The Seine River in Paris overflows its banks, forcing the evacuation of at least 1,500 people. Paris once had a second river, la Bièvre, but it requires a dedicated hunt to find signs of it now.

Fifty parting thoughts from the Australian Open, where Caroline Wozniacki won her first Grand Slam and Roger Federer won his 20th.