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Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Dorothy Roberts tried to warn us

Liz Truss becomes the UK's prime minister with seeming plans to spend $116 billion to freeze household energy bills. / Reuters 

Related: Russia's weaponization of its energy supplies is testing Europe's financial resources. / The Economist

Unrelated: An unofficial guide to London's most heterosexual neighborhoods. / VICE

Why are more liberal Americans becoming hawks and more conservatives going dove? Two big reasons are Trump and Ukraine. / The Atlantic

A long profile of the great sociologist Dorothy Roberts reviews her career in the post-Roe era.  / New York Magazine 

A report from a community of "forest defenders" living in what's become known as Atlanta's "cop city." / Rolling Stone

Former TSA employees talk about working a job that's mostly theater. / The Verge

New Covid vaccines reach pharmacy shelves. Meanwhile, the White House isn't sure what to do with the existing stockpile. / STAT

Covid-19 is likely headed toward seasonality, but it's not there yet. / MedPageToday

Little is known about the real-world efficacy of Jynneos, the FDA-approved Monkeypox vaccine. / Politico

Barbara Ehrenreich, journalist, activist and author, dies at 81. / NBC News

ProPublica busts an Instagram verification scheme where people obtained their blue check by posing elsewhere as musicians. / ProPublica

Unrelated: Some good tricks if you use Google Docs. / Wonder Tools

Amazon introduces a 72-hour delay for user reviews on Prime Video, hoping to keep trolls away from its new Lord of the Rings series. / Variety

Daniel Kalder: Even after 80 years, Bambi's strength is in what it doesn't show. / UnHerd