Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: End of an era.

President Trump’s former counsel will skip his hearing today with the House Judiciary Committee, at the White House’s instruction.

House Democratic leaders spar with Pelosi and her allies over beginning an impeachment inquiry.

The White House loses a lawsuit challenging a House subpoena for Trump’s financial records.

Is the US government having a constitutional crisis? "Separation of powers requires that you accept confrontation as normal."

"People walkers" are trying to solve a loneliness epidemic in Los Angeles, where nearly a third of households consist of one person.

Turkey has entered "the second drone age," rivaling the US and UK as the world’s most prolific user of killer drones.

The latest "connected cars" process up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour. Consumers are broadly worried about hacks.

Data analysis finds connections between crime and unemployment rates, or crime and housing instability, but not crime and undocumented immigrants.

"Real assistance requires contact." Why public intellectuals should quit handing out advice.

A billionaire investor, giving the graduation speech at Morehouse, pledged to pay off the entire graduating class's student loans.

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James Wood reviews a new book that says if we truly embraced secularism, we could live in a much improved America.

Elena Ferrante says men have colonized storytelling for several centuries, and that era is over.

A look at the history of humor finds Christianity full of dark comedy, though the Middle Ages weren't exactly funny times.

"In its final season, Game of Thrones dispensed almost entirely with trying to make sense of its characters’ internal motivations—let alone the complex political reality that its psychological realism initially helped create." In case you, too, felt betrayed by the end of Game of Thrones.

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The finest texture in food? "Crispy-gone-soggy," from chilaquiles to Buffalo wings to cereal with milk.