Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Everesting.

State and city leaders in the US respond to a surge in coronavirus cases by implementing new rules, scaling back on reopening plans.

In many areas, Latinos comprise a dramatically higher percentage of positive COVID-19 tests.

The director of the Harvard Global Health Institute says more than 100,000 Americans have died largely because we haven’t built up our testing infrastructure.

Contradicting his staff, Trump says he told people too much testing puts the US at a disadvantage.

“He just rants and raves. It’s mostly about what was on Fox News. He really does believe that he knows more than the generals, more than the intelligence professionals.”

Trump plans to freeze visas for foreign workers through the end of the year.

Travel writers during lockdown are filled with self-doubt. "Maybe we’ve been doing this all wrong."

“Everesting” is when professional cyclists climb Mt Everest by biking up steep roads over and over.

A market is "burgeoning" for cardboard cutouts to fill empty sports arenas.

After a weekend with three shootings, Seattle police plan to take back a zone occupied by protesters.

“I call the young people who grew up in the past twenty-five years the Trayvon Generation.”

Luxury stores hire artists to protect their fronts with Black Lives Matter slogans, "cajoling pacification when rage is more appropriate."

A brief history of protest art since the 1940s.

"Obsessive" competitive Scrabble players are roiled by discussions of privilege, race, and offensive words.

After a protest from users, Indian matchmaking site Shaadi.com removes the ability to filter profiles by skin tone.

See also: Women are less likely to swipe right on a guy with a cat.

Instagram isn't exactly ruining architecture, but it's definitely influencing it in weird ways, particularly bathroom design.

The New York Times gathers photos and stories of people currently homesteading (kinda) in the United States, often receiving land parcels through inheritance.

Twitch viewing numbers are up during the pandemic, especially for chess matches, a surge led by US champion Hikaru Nakamura.

And while all this was happening: Temperatures in the Arctic Circle likely hit an all-time record this weekend, reaching 100 degrees in a Siberian town.

Unrelated/related: For the 45th anniversary of Jaws, fans worldwide created a full-length feature tribute.