Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Everything, everything will be just fine.

The House Intelligence Committee says it has the evidence necessary to advance the impeachment inquiry to the next phase: determining whether to draw up articles of impeachment.

A federal court rules former Trump White House attorney Don McGahn must comply with a House subpoena: "The primary takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that presidents are not kings."

The Supreme Court has blocked the release of Trump's financial records for the time being, instructing Trump's lawyers to file a petition stating why the court should accept the case.

Even in the heyday of America’s middle class, the middle class was in peril—at least in the way we talk about it.

Hong Kong voters send a resounding message to Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Beijing, with pro-democracy candidates winning nearly 90% of district council seats.

"There is no sign of a slowdown." Heat-trapping greenhouse gases continue to build up in the atmosphere, and have reached a new record high.

Millions are under winter weather advisories as major storms are projected to sweep across the US this week, potentially upending Thanksgiving travel plans.

“We’re doing this because climate change is real.” New York's MTA is testing solutions for subway flooding.

The Trump administration has accelerated its filing of eminent domain suits to seize Texas land for the border wall.

Related: Even if Trump's wall is never built at the southern border, his administration's "invisible wall" for immigration, based on small procedural shifts, is already here—and meeting its aims.

A state-by-state look at what would happen to abortion rights in the US if Roe vs. Wade were weakened or overturned.

Bloomberg News announces its 2020 presidential race coverage won't include investigating its founder or his Democratic rivals.

How neuroscience explains the spread of fake news: Outlandish claims present novelty, which triggers the release of dopamine.

Without warning, audio transcribers are subjected to disturbing recordings of violence, abuse, and suffering.

Breaking down the injuries and deaths that have occurred during Black Friday sales.

This aerial view of a sheepdog at work is mesmerizing.

Koalas and their habitat have been decimated by fires and drought in Australia, but they're far from "functionally extinct."

A writer remembers her stint as a reporter for Doll Reader magazine.

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One difference between millionaires and the rest of us: Leisure time is spent on activities, as opposed to rest and relaxation.

Highly detailed visual simulations of dough- and batter-based foods being cooked and broken apart.

A tool for designers: Input a combination of two colors and learn what percentage of the population has difficulty viewing it.

"I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones, played on a dulcimer by Sam Edelston.