Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Excelsior!

As the death toll reaches 42 people, the Camp Fire in Northern California is now the deadliest fire in state history.

Before and after photos from a block in Malibu that was destroyed by the Woolsey fire.

A study finds that climate change has doubled the number of acres burned across the American West since the 1980s.

Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona's US Senate race, flipping the seat for Democrats and becoming the state's first female senator, as well as the first-ever openly bisexual member of Congress.

The midterm elections that still haven’t been decided, explained.

After Thousand Oaks, the NRA tells physicians "to stay in their lane" on guns. Countless medical professionals respond.

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee died yesterday at 95. Here is an illustrated history of his career in comics.

Remembering how Stan Lee used his "Stan's Soapbox" column in Marvel issues to attack racism in the 1960s.

No one ever asks me why I love the X-Men, even now, but if they had, the answer I’d give is: They were the only ones who knew how I felt. Alexander Chee on seeing yourself in superheroes.

If everyday problems are stressing you out, an illustrated essay suggests you try thinking in "Geologic Time."

We know stress alone is bad. And we know that diet is bad, too. And we know when you combine these two, it’s even worse. That’s why I’m really trying to engage in this mind hack of flipping stress eating to be fruits instead of brownies. The director of the Dieting, Stress, and Health Lab at UCLA is trying to see if people can be comforted by a strawberry.

A reporter tracks down a habitual office lunch-thief, only to run into her own "fundamental attribution errors."

Where did America's militarism and chauvinism begin? One source could be the 1928 Paris Peace Pact.

A mother wrestles with fond memories and conflicting feelings as her daughter tries out for the cheerleading team.

Sludging encompasses things like hidden add-ons, long and confusing fine print, misleading messages that put psychological pressure on buyers to purchase, hidden subscriptions, or bureaucratic red tape. “Sludging” is the dark side of “nudging,” when companies attempt to profit from consumers’ weaknesses and biases.

Airports struggle to manage legal marijuana. Still, people trying to bring water bottles through security is a bigger problem.

The year in fiction: Peruse our favorite 76 novels from the past year at the 2019 Tournament of Books long list.

Color photographs from the first World War.