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Headlines Edition!

Tuesday headlines: “Filter bubbles” aren’t a thing but “facial boarding” is.

A new report finds Russian disinformation teams targeting Robert S. Mueller with sweeping campaigns to discredit the special counsel’s investigation.

One tactic employed by the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency: an anti-masturbation hotline.

Russian meddling found big wins on Instagram, with more than twice the audience engagement of Facebook.

"None of this means Trump will lose in 2020." A guide to the huge field of Democrats planning to run for president.

Did you know that members of Congress can trade stocks willy-nilly? House members can even serve as board members of publicly traded companies.

See also: The case against megadonor philanthropy and its threat to a democratic society.

“A stable world order is a rare thing.” How the world ends if we’re not careful.

Headline of the week and it's only Tuesday: "Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?"

After Macron backs down on anti-pollution tax hikes, NGOs like Greenpeace and Oxfam sue France.

Gun deaths in America reach a record high with 39,773 people killed in 2017—an increase of more than 10,000 from 1999.

A Swedish university sent a team of mercenaries to rescue a graduate student from the Islamic State.

Betwee 2012 and 2017, the number of male domestic-abuse victims recorded by British police each year more than doubled.

Roughly one in 10 buildings in California lie within the state’s highest-risk fire zones.

Four rocket companies have launches scheduled today, the first time so many rockets will fly on a single day.

"Facial boarding" has arrived in airports, and it's already caught an imposter trying to fly.

People actually aren’t trapped in “filter bubbles,” but they like to believe they are—or least that everybody else is.

The most Googled TV show of 2018 is the Chinese period drama Story of Yanxi Palace.

A look at the year in K-Pop as the genre struggled to adapt to its global prominence.

Video: From Dec. 12, 1986, The Smiths play their final show as a band.

A wonderful story by reporter Shirley Wang about how her family became friends with Charles Barkley.