Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Floating past a tin can.

According to the new Census report, over the past decade the US population grew at its second slowest rate since 1790, due to less immigration and a declining birthrate. / The New York Times

The numbers are also in on redistricting, and California and New York are among the states that will lose a seat—as Texas picks up two. / POLITICO

Louisville joins Minneapolis in the Justice Dept.'s scope of investigations into racial injustice by police departments. / Courier-Journal

America's Covid deaths are "on track to surpass the toll of the 1918 pandemic, which killed an estimated 675,000." / The New York Times

The US says it will share its entire stock of AstraZeneca Covid vaccines—as many as 60 million doses—with the world following safety reviews. / Associated Press

Blaming vaccination plateauing on "resistance" is a convenient narrative that does more harm than good. / STAT

"Republican elected officials across the country have been trying to make it easier for certain people to run over certain other people." / The New Republic

A real-time map of the space junk floating around Earth. / AstriaGraph

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter sends back its first photo of the Martian surface. / NASA

A collection of astronauts' photos of the Earth, digitally restored. / Toby Ord

Hollywood is America's least diverse business sector—a systemic bias that costs the industry at least $10 billion a year. / The New York Times

Epicurious says it stopped publishing beef recipes a year ago, hoping to shift attention to more sustainable food production. / The Guardian

Photos of the desolation left by a coal mine in Poland, by Michal Łuczak. / Booooooom

An interactive map of the world's Indigenous lands. / Native Land

On Saturday, hundreds of people named Josh gathered in Lincoln, Neb., to fight with pool noodles over the "right" to the name. / NPR

A deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between slander sites and reputation management companies. / The New York Times

Serene paintings of islands far removed from city life, by Stephen Wong Chun Hei. / This Isn't Happiness

A woman discovers an outstanding warrant for her arrest over a VHS rental of Sabrina the Teenage Witch that's been overdue since 1999. / The New York Times

Yahoo's deletion habit is why it's now most known for "the sheer amount of destruction they've done to the historical record." / The Atlantic

Looking back at 150 years of New York office life. / Curbed