Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Freedom of impeach.

Democrats will unveil two articles of impeachment against the president this morning, one charging him with abuse of power, the other with obstruction of Congress.

Through three presidents, US officials knew they were lying about a war they couldn't win. These are the "Afghanistan Papers."

The big Justice report finds that FBI officials had reason to open an investigation into links between Russia and Trump campaign aides in 2016 and acted without political bias.

Barr, Justice boss, Trump flunky, basically disagrees.

A Trump nominee to a US District Court opposes the right to infertility treatments that could help nearly one in six US couples.

A helpful explainer on Trump's influence on the judiciary, and how it will endure much longer than Obama's.

The correct answers on the exam required to practice psychology are those that match whites' views on society and mental health.

“There was little premium on facts—readers wanted the news, but they wanted it slanted.” A history of fact checking.

See also: A history of more than 200 years of the Aurora Borealis in art.

Western science wants participants' "informed consent," but that's not always possible in societies that prize groups over individuals.

By the end of the decade, over half a million Americans will have died from drug overdoses—more than in WWI and WWII combined.

"We were kind of shocked that Chris was no longer present at all." A bone-marrow transplant recipient becomes a chimera.

A mountain on the Moon may offer clues about when Earth stopped getting pummeled by celestial bodies and life took hold.

Related: A side-by-side comparison of the relative rotations of the planet in our solar system.

Over the past decade, 467 species have been declared extinct.

Online advertising has—for a while now—been largely bullshit, and will soon come crashing down.

A roundtable on why Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is considered “unfilmable.”

An animated short by Andrey Kasay about a vacation that's just out of reach.

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