More drone strikes attack Russia. Ukraine doesn't claim responsibility, but a presidential advisor taunts the Kremlin on Twitter. / USA Today, Twitter

An explainer why sanctions against Russia will cause long-term damage, but presently aren't working. / NPR 

For today's Senate runoff in Georgia, five key questions, five key places. / Vox, Politico

A key twist that makes the Supreme Court's new gay rights case so bizarre: There is no live controversy. / Slate

A heartbreak boot camp in Northern California costs $4,000. / The Los Angeles Times

A fleece sweater ($450) is designed to simulate hides worn by prehistoric man. / Uncrate

Apple is being sued for AirTags' potential as stalking devices. Neuralink is under federal investigation for animal suffering. / Business Insider, Reuters

A reporter asks ChatGPT, a new conversational AI tool, to explain itself. / TechCrunch

The Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year is "goblin mode," describing "unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy" behavior. / BBC News

Aaron Timms: Fox Sports' World Cup coverage is full of gaffes, stupidity, and on-air awkwardness. / The Guardian

Men whose photos get used for catfishing—for their gentlemanly "open faces"—find themselves continuously reporting scammers to social media platforms. / VICE

"Some artists want to be TikTok-trained. It's like hiring a personal trainer." How to incubate a TikTok star. / The New Yorker