Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Giving.

A round-up of six of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations fighting the climate crisis.

In case you want to feel better about flying this year: certified carbon offsets from Green-e.

See also: How to buy carbon offsets, and a calculator for tallying your offsets for the year.

Oil Change International researches the fossil fuel’s true cost to society and works to facilitate the transition to clean energy.

350.org works to “accelerate” efforts that enable communities to do green energy work and demand fossil fuel divestment.

5 Gyres is trying to stop plastic emissions at the source by encouraging the elimination of single-use plastics.

Patagonia Action Works connects donors with environmental protectors in their local community.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit that works to have one tree planted for every dollar it receives from donations.

For your charitable giving: 10 charities with the most consecutive four-star ratings on Charity Navigator.

Affordable, high-quality reproductive health care. Safe, legal abortion. Comprehensive sex education. That’s Planned Parenthood.

Sending money to the extremely poor has been thoroughly and rigorously shown to reduce poverty and improve lives.

The Inner City Law Center serves the most vulnerable in Los Angeles.

Flatbush Cats is working to reduce and manage Brooklyn’s street cat population with a network of trap-neuter volunteers.

Colorectal cancer diagnoses are rare in patients under 50, but that number is rising rapidly.

The Movement Centre helps children with disabilities increase their range of movement so they have access to the world we share.

Casa Colina offers a free and subsidized care fund providing specialized medical and rehabilitative care for under-resourced patients.

Border Kindness: Shelter, services and compassion for asylum-seeking families at the border.