Volodymyr Zelenskyy accuses Russia of "radiation blackmail" by holding a Ukrainian nuclear power station "hostage." / Al Jazeera

An official in the Ukrainian frontline city Avdiivka says the town "is being wiped off the face of the Earth" by Russian shelling. / The Guardian 

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One of Europe's largest ammunition makers can't meet Ukraine's increased demand because a nearby data center is using up all the power to store TikTok videos. / Newsweek

From December, how a company fulfilled—in six months, manufactured entirely in the United States—the largest order of fitness equipment ever placed. / Men's Health 

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A report finds an estimated six million women in the health workforce are "grossly underpaid" or not paid at all. / NPR

As the South bans abortion, thousands are driving to the southern tip of Illinois. / The Associated Press

The history of doctors being confused linguistically by women's anatomy stretches back millennia. / Nautilus

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