Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Grandma take me home.

Michigan has certified Biden's win, ending Trump's fight to delay the election results in the state. / BuzzFeed News

Following Michigan's vote to certify, the General Services Administration officially recognized President-elect Biden, and has started the transition process. / Associated Press

Biden's cabinet picks show he's intent to reverse the agenda that sent Trump to the White House in 2016. / The Washington Post

"Trump’s behavior in the face of defeat is a gift to bad actors in the region." How the US election looked to the rest of the world. / POLITICO

By refusing to acknowledge their 2020 election losses, Democrats are sinking their chances in 2022. / BuzzFeed News

Although: Bowing to pressure from progressives, Sen. Feinstein says she will step down as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. / The New York Times

An EPA spokesman on GM switching its support from Trump to Biden: "It’s always interesting to see the changing positions of US corporations." / The New York Times

Sherwin-Williams fired the part-timer behind a massively popular paint-mixing TikTok, leading to many on social media calling for a boycott for the company's "monumentally stupid" move. / BuzzFeed News, International Business Times

State-sponsored hackers are attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine secrets in "an intellectual property war." / The Guardian

As US coronavirus infections soar, the CDC is advising health officials to prioritize which contacts to trace. / POLITICO

The Cherokee Nation is doing a better job of containing coronavirus cases than the rest of Oklahoma. Cherokee health officials say it's simply because they followed the science. / The Hill

The TSA says more than 1.04 million people flew on Sunday—the most since March, but less than half the travelers at this time last year. / NPR

"Immediately after the side hug, she let me know that she had been in the same room as someone who tested positive for COVID, just days before." Parents whose own parents are lying about quarantine in order to see the grandchildren. / Glamour

"Where would your ancestors have gotten the dish’s ingredients?" Using sensory memory, oral history, and research to recreate family recipes. / Atlas Obscura

For right-wing disinformation addicts, Trump's downfall has accelerated the rise of Parler, OANN, and Newsmax as their destinations of choice. / The Atlantic

"If this recent saga is anything like the birtherism movement, it’s not going anywhere." / FiveThirtyEight

"The reality-based press has to unapologetically stand for something." How journalists must dismantle disinformation. / The Washington Post

The remains of two people have been found in Pompeii, likely having died in a volcanic blast the day after the initial ash fall. / Associated Press

Jeopardy! will resume production on Nov. 30 with Ken Jennings serving as interim host. / CBS News

A look back at television’s “very special episodes” that actually affected how children saw the world. / MEL Magazine