Headlines edition

Tuesday Headlines: Guess the chump.

The President says he would’ve attacked the gunman at Parkland even if he was unarmed. We know this is a lie given every other time Trump has encountered danger.

Trump calls Parkland a “setback” from being able to talk about the economy. Once again, the real victim is him.

In private, Trump tells people he wishes he had the executive power to execute drug dealers.

Here are the leading proposals for congressional action on gun control this week. As expected, the White House is quickly retreating from reform.

Washington governor tells Trump to his face that arming teachers is basically idiotic.

When law enforcement engages with an active shooter, they suffer casualties in 47% of incidents. Teachers would likely fare significantly worse.

Today's "crisis actor" is yesterday’s "outside agitator"—a conspiracy theory that stretches from the civil rights movement to the Civil War.

The former head of the Republican National Committee responds to being told he was elected because “he was a black guy.”

How do you define a white American? They drink alcohol, eat vegetables, enjoy art, and have names like "Yoder."

Here’s everything we know at this point about the Trump Tower meeting at the heart of the Russia investigation

Three members of the Russian activist band Pussy Riot were detained in Russia-annexed Crimea and taken to a medical facility for testing.

Norway worries it's ruining some winter sports by winning so much—so now it pays to train other countries' athletes.

If you also loved the dance number in Babylon Berlin, here’s a history of the real club where it would’ve taken place.

The new trend from Japan is learning how to do the splits in 30 days, thanks to “shake yoga."

In New York City, a new gym gives you electric shocks while you exercise.

Not exactly being car folks, we were surprised by how much we liked this short video on how a Ferrari is constructed.

In America, an annual income of $105,000 is the "satiation point," when more money doesn't equal more happy.

HBO and John Oliver win a court battle with a coal executive who sued over being called a "geriatric Dr. Evil."

Video: A pretty great (postmodern?) makeup tutorial from Sailor J, that has nothing to do with makeup and a lot to do with rage.

An appreciation of Molly Hashimoto's new book for "National Park nerds," Colors of the West.

“Ecopoetry” is the genre where poems are not only environmental, but environmentalist.

A brief history of the peach as an erotic object, pre-Call Me By Your Name.