Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Guns and gold.

Equifax's former CEO heads to congressional hearings as news emerges that an additional 2.5 million Americans were included in its data breach.

The other side of gun control: Amid slumping gun sales under Trump, the White House may loosen gun export laws, and gun-maker stock prices rose yesterday—as is typical after major mass shootings.

Australian investigators post a final report on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which went missing in 2014 and has still never been found.

A day in the life—specifically, last Wednesday—in Puerto Rico.

Accelerating cruise lines' return to the US Virgin Islands could help the local economy and recovery efforts.

How Tom Petty broke the music industry's rules, rock and roll stereotypes, and the Confederate flag.

“Three minutes is where bloat starts to set in. Where the band thinks: Hey, let’s do the chorus seven times. Hey, let’s give the saxophone guy a real moment to shine on this one. Hey, let’s add another bridge.” All perfect songs are two minutes and 42 seconds long—which of course includes Tom Petty’s “Don’t Do Me Like That.”

US embassy in Cuba to pull more than half of its staff in response to mysterious sonic attacks.

To win in Germany, the far right used a Texas ad agency whose work was sometimes too controversial for its client.

The new, confusing HealthCare.gov has closer deadlines, shorter enrollment, and Sunday mornings off.

After Monarch Airlines' sudden demise, Britain deploys planes to bring home 110,000 stranded overseas travelers.

“It would be a huge departure from FERC’s predominantly pro-market pro-competition approach to governing.” Trump and Perry really are going to break capitalist orthodoxy to bail out coal (and nuclear) energy, if they can.

Massive debris flotillas from the 2011 Japanese tsunami are transporting hundreds of marine life species to the US.

For ASL interpreters at hip-hop shows, the job requires more storytelling than direct translation.

David Byrne’s October playlist explores music of sites real and imagined. Sound maps of the Danube! Recordings from NYC sewers!

Pianos with loudness pedals arrived in 1845; most listeners don't know how early composers heard their own work.

A new French law will require photos of models that have been retouched or otherwise modified to be labeled as such.

Banning e-cigarette flavors would just drive people to more harmful (and combustible) alternatives.

The brain doesn't use complex numbers. That doesn't mean artificial neural networks shouldn't, either.

A beetle infestation, a fungus, and old age are killing the signature palm trees of Los Angeles.

After moving across the country, Sean Wang documents the first year of his life in New York—alongside his mother’s voicemails.