Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Hit the sound running

President Biden says the pandemic is over. Whether or not it was a gaffe, his health advisors seek to clarify. / Politico

Helen Branswell: Reaching the end of a pandemic is not like driving out of one county into the next. / STAT

Recalling the New York Times recent investigation into politicians trading stocks, a list of highlights/lowlights. / Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg's wealth has dropped by $71 billion so far this year, Jeff Bezos's by $46 billion. / Bloomberg

Will the world ever be ready for a linear metropolis? Oliver Wainwright traces the history of the city-in-a-canyon dream. / The Guardian

Some thoughts on building homes to last a thousand years—by putting beauty first. / Wrath of Gnon

Noga Arikha: Loss is central to life, but digital existence has made us all into hoarders. Is everything vanity now? / The European Review of Books

An interview with one of the world's leading nature sound recordists. / Bandcamp

Art Rosenbaum dies at 83, the ethnomusicologist behind some iconic field recordings. / Pitchfork

Adnan Syed, the subject of the first season of Serial, walks out of prison for the first time since he was a teenager. / The Baltimore Sun

Novelist Emma Straub remembers her father, novelist Peter Straub, who died earlier this month. "Find me someone who had more books in an ICU, ever." / Vulture 

Longlists for the 2022 National Book Awards: Nonfiction and fiction. / The New Yorker

A loving tribute to three of India's earliest classical languages, which include a word for the smacking sound "as the lips come together in surprise (camatkara)." / Princeton University Press