Much of the Libyan city Derna is under water after two dams and four bridges collapsed, killing at least 1,500. / BBC News

A new report finds the United States responsible for more than a third of the expansion of global oil and gas production planned by mid-century. / Oil Change International

China is set to become the world's biggest car exporter this year, overtaking Japan. / Marginal Revolution

Chile's poverty rate in 2022 was seven percent. In 1990, it was 68 percent. / The Economist

Walter Isaacson walks back his claim about Elon Musk, Starlink, Crimea and Ukraine. / Reliable Sources

The Swedish government may donate fighter jets to Ukraine to help repel Russian forces. / The Guardian

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A profile of Grigor Sargsyan, who built the world's biggest match-fixing ring in tennis. / The Washington Post

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High-school girls are worried that all their vaping in middle school gave them vocal fry. / Airmail

"There is no single opiatelike substance that can be identified as leading someone to become a food addict." And yet highly processed foods are found to resemble drugs of misuse. / Scientific American

Baristas are invited to work and live in Rotterdam, at "the world's first coffee hotel." / Sprudge

Reactionary TikToks and videos encourage people to stop filming strangers. / The Trend Report