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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: How about “vaccine first” instead.

The US plans to borrow $3 trillion in the second quarter to finance stimulus efforts, more than five times what it borrowed in a single quarter during 2008.

The US and UK begin talks for a post-Brexit trade agreement.

For the third time in two weeks, a whistleblowing Russian healthcare worker has plunged to their death or severe injury from a hospital building.

An Amazon VP quits after the company fired whistleblowers who were trying to draw attention to the plight of warehouse workers.

The heroic story of a 66-year-old Colorado paramedic who volunteered to fight the coronavirus in New York City and recently died of COVID-19.

Diplomats fear the president’s “America First” philosophy courts disaster—via a "vaccine brawl"—for entire regions of the world.

The "prophet of the pandemic" says her event horizon for the coronavirus is 36 months, and that's the best-case scenario.

A lucid history of the surprisingly popular environmentalist movement Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Some gorgeous web design for a month-long journey through Peru to celebrate potatoes.

Sarah Hepola visits a newly reopened mall in Dallas.

An account of two weeks inside the Diamond Princess, the ocean liner that became the symbol for the coronavirus at sea.

Examples of floating architecture.

Florida man arrested for living his quarantine on a shuttered Disney World island, because it “looked like a tropical paradise.”

Among work-from-home fantasies, how about a discreet office buried in the garden?

The Supreme Court switches to teleconference pretty smoothly.

Pictures of closed newsrooms celebrating their Pulitzer Prizes. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz feign outrage over the New York Times winning for its 1619 project on slavery. (See here for more on the source of the fight.)

The New York Public Library compiles an album of noises New Yorkers might miss from the days when they could read in public.

When your dad is the one posting "dad jokes" in the front yard during quarantine.