Those Headlines Are Here!

Tuesday headlines: How much? What kind?

Dismayed by political barriers to popular policies, 2020 Dems look at structural reforms to the judiciary, filibuster, and more.

The question before the US and other advanced countries is not: Immigration, yes or no? “The questions to ask are: How much? What kind?”

The US government and others—without consent—test facial recognition using photos of immigrants, abused children, and the dead.

For patients and providers, electronic health records are a panacea. But shoddy implementations are resulting in deaths.

A map shows the probability in 2070 of heat waves above the limit of human survivability in the continental United States.

A powerful cyclone that tore through Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe killed more than 200 and displaced tens of thousands.

Paris’s police chief is sacked after Saturday’s "yellow vests" protest, some 10,000 people strong, turned violent.

As coyotes enter urban areas, researchers study scat to figure out how the animals are surviving in inhospitable environments.

Sufferers of misophonia are driven to intense rage or fear by certain sounds, such as gum-chewing.

Two minutes of subjecting a pair of light-up googly eyes to various phobias.

How tennis player Maria Patrascu is fighting new rules that would make it harder for those in tennis's minor leagues to go pro.

Surf-rock legend Dick Dale toured most of his life to pay his medical bills—all the way until his death on Saturday at 81.

Myspace finally admits it lost all the music that users uploaded between 2003 and 2015, and doesn't have a backup.