Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: How to mountaineer completely

The US bans Russian oil imports in response to Russia's Ukraine invasion. Most Americans say they're willing to pay more for gas. / Quartz

Farida Rustamova: How Russian officials and parliament members really feel about what's happening. / Faridaily

McDonald's, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola suspend operations in Russia. / CNN

Moldovans fear the potential for catastrophe in their country—especially if all it takes is for Putin to expand his ambitions. / The Washington Post

Studies find agreements are reached faster and deals last longer when women are included in peace processes. / African Arguments

Girls aren't allowed to use smartphones in some parts of India for fear of moral corruption. / Goats and Soda

An interview with the person who made the "Gender Pay Gap Bot" that calls out (or occasionally celebrates) corporate marketing of International Women's Day. (Here's the bot.) / VICE, Twitter

Planned Parenthood centers in Texas' surrounding states saw a nearly 800% increase in abortion patients from Texas this fall. / Axios

Ed Yong:  "How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal?" / The Morning News

The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act looks set to become law—after 100 years and 200 failed attempts. / NPR

Demand for ornamental plants is ravaging South Africa's rare desert flora. / National Geographic

A New York City man needed to be rescued twice on consecutive days while hiking in the Arizona mountains. / The Arizona Daily Sun

Blame the decline of American bookstores, specifically in Cambridge, Mass., on the loss of human scale in consolidated markets. / Dada Drummer Almanach