Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: how to pop a wheelie

More than four million people in the United States received a coronavirus vaccine on Saturday amid a rising caseload and increase in hospitalizations. / The Washington Post

At the same time, more than six million people have taken flights since Thursday, many of them spring breakers. "America appears to be done with the pandemic. The virus is not done with us." / CNN, Sky News

If only the United States government had handled the coronavirus as well as the NFL. / Marginal Revolution

A secret recording of a restaurant in a private Paris mansion, with patrons flouting mask mandates, sparks outrage in France. / NPR

Resilience seems in short supply, and signs of prolonged stress are in abundance; even Susan Orlean isn't productive right now. / The New York Times

See also: The problem with therapy apps. And why is iPhone's Notes app so good for bad poetry? / The Cut, Refinery29

Related/unrelated: Kim Cross spent a month during lockdown learning how to pop a wheelie. / Outside

Sexual assault has become "an integral part" of the war in Tigray, with vast evidence of atrocities against civilians. / The New York Times

Any probe into war crimes in Tigray stands little chance of being effective if it's not conducted solely by the United Nations. / African Arguments

#FreeSenegal is a textbook case of a youth movement demanding democracy—in a country long considered West Africa's most stable. / The Washington Post

Interview with an automation consultant—a job, he says, that many colleagues quit over the idea that they're killing jobs. / Futureproof

"Cancel" is the latest term to originate in Black culture only to be appropriated by white people "and thrashed to death." / The Washington Post

Beth Nguyen, formerly Bich Nguyen, explains what it's like to not have "an American name" in the United States. / The New Yorker

Ashley Cole, Louise Howard, and other good names on a list of 21 artists to collect in 2021, if your bank account allows. / Saatchi Art

Live Nation's stock is up despite a concert-less 2020—because investors see no other future for live music. / Pitchfork

See also: a nicely written history of techno by Marcus Barnes. / Beatport

We're nearly two years late to this, but that didn't make it any less fun to watch: How to turn your Tesla into a pickup truck. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to be Newt Gingrich's third wife, not to mention the FaceTuner of his neck. / The Morning News, Trashberg