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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: I hear the heart freaking as one.

Russia's plans to withdraw some of its troops from the border with Ukraine in a possible threat de-escalation. / The Guardian

Canada invokes rarely-used special measures to end protests that have shut some border crossings and paralyzed Ottawa. / Reuters

Canada plans to bring in more than a million newcomers to support its post-pandemic growth. / Bloomberg

One of the baristas behind the union drive at a Buffalo Starbucks is a former Rhodes Scholar. / The Washington Post

A new alternative milk, this time made of potatoes, promises to require less water than almonds or cows. / The Dieline

The American West's megadrought intensified so much last year that it is now the driest in 1,200 years. / The Associated Press

People in Los Angeles don't have confidence in their region's leaders to solve homelessness over the long term. / The Los Angeles Times

The path to prosperity in the US runs through housing, and yet the tax code continues to reward homeowners and ignore renters. / The New York Times Magazine

Helen Branswell: Why the Covid-19 vaccines are a freaking miracle. / STAT

Vaccinated but unboosted elderly folks still are dying of Covid "at four times the rate of unvaccinated adults under 49." / The Atlantic

Tennis star Novak Djokovic says he'll sacrifice taking part in the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open over his refusal to take the Covid vaccine. / BBC News

From 2016, an explainer why NASA only uses pi to the 15th decimal for its highest accuracy calculations. / Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Using powerful magnets, the Hypelev allows your favorite sneaker to float in midair." Okay. / Moss and Fog

Pictures of kids in Mea Shearim, an ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem, by Ofir Berman. Also, portraits by self-taught oil painter Wylee Risso.  / It's Nice That, Booooooom