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Tuesday headlines: “Ideal worker” doesn’t equal “good mom”

The US has reported more than 97,000 new Covid cases since the news of President Trump’s positive test. / Vox

The Midwest keeps reopening as states reel from new virus cases. Meanwhile, the White House is doing almost nothing to investigate its outbreak. / POLITICO, The New York Times

The White House blocks new FDA guidelines on bringing potential vaccines to market that would almost certainly have prevented their introduction before the Nov. 3 election. / The Associated Press

Scientists and doctors express outrage after the president removes his mask upon returning to the White House, even while in close proximity to staff members. / The Washington Post

Helen Branswell: “For many of Washington’s most powerful, Covid-19 public health guidance does not apply.” / STAT

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Soaring COVID-19 infection rates in London’s care homes and hospitals may be occurring in other UK regions. / The Guardian

East Germany has suffered far fewer coronavirus cases than West Germany. / The Wall Street Journal

The West, ever patronizing, fails to recognize Africa's successes against the coronavirus. / The Washington Post

How some colleges are so thoroughly containing the virus that students are less impacted: extensive testing. / The New York Times

During the pandemic, with teleworking and increased child-care demands, ideas about “the ideal worker” and “the good mother” are clashing. / The Atlantic

One lesser-noticed Trump voter: "middle class, lifestyle-blog-reading bougie women who want to maintain their current lifestyle." / Culture Study

A website-length essay traces the concept of "lifestyle" from Albert Adler and Polaroids through hippie communes and Instagram. / What Is Lifestyle?

In r/unemployment, Americans help one another confront our confounding welfare state. / The Cut

The Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to three scientists who co-discovered hepatitis C. / Vox

Your weekly white paper (kinda): Water, as a metaphor for Indigenous experiences, upends Western notions of territoriality. / Social Science Research Council

Four million acres of land in California has now burned in this year’s record-setting wildfire season. / The Los Angeles Times

Research finds that restaurants often host "the creep of gentrification and displacement" moving through a neighborhood. / Eater

New chapters from the extraordinary life of Stephanie Johnson, aka Tanqueray, raise $2.5 million to cover her medical expenses. / Instagram, The New York Times

Nicholas Carr: What is it like to be a smartphone? / Rough Type

A short video on the meaning of swimming pools in movies. / The Morning News

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