Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: I’m a hoar, frost

The leaders of Poland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic visit Kyiv to show support for the country. / The Associated Press

The Kremlin urges state-friendly media outlets to use more Tucker Carlson clips. / Mother Jones

Jane Ferguson: This war is incredibly tough to cover as a field reporter. / Twitter

A 69-year-old journalist for the Los Angeles Times, born in Moscow, joins the Ukrainian effort. / The Toronto Star

In 2019, US state and local governments spent $123 billion on policing. Ukraine's annual defense budget is less than the NYPD's. / VICE

Tennessee officials want a small, mostly Black town to forfeit their city charter—for a Ford investment—or face takeover. / Tennessee Lookout

As the world watches Ukraine, Syria's war grinds on into its 11th year. / BBC News

India is happy to buy Russia's discounted oil. / Reuters

A riveting, horrifying review of a new book about caste and the murdering of women and girls in India, by Skye Arundhati Thomas. / The London Review of Books

Your weekly white paper: Covid-19-related disruption led to historically low dengue incidence in 2020. / The Lancet

Coming to grips with "lookism" in the workplace as people's Covid masks come down and their faces are revealed. / Infovores

SNL takes on Amazon's new grab-and-go shopping experience. / YouTube

New art for the emerging-from-pandemic era: "Guts" by Samara Golden. "The artist attempts to let go of logic altogether and the fallacy of anything 'making sense.'" / Night Gallery

Some neuroscientifically sound ideas on how to prevent forgetfulness and disorganization. / Greater Good

See also: Rosecrans Baldwin tries to remember how to write fiction, and Sarah Hepola tries not to censor herself. / Meditation in an Emergency, The Atlantic

Are there unrappable words? Probably not—and pulchritude, amortize, hoarfrost, and chilblains may be just around the corner. / Lit Hub