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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: I’m about that H.

"The state of Texas is about to undergo one of the largest recovery housing missions the nation has ever seen."

Texas health officials rush tetanus vaccines to Houston, and say so far there's been no evidence of water contamination from industrial facilities.

With a new Texas law curbing penalties on insurance companies, policyholders are urged to file claims before the law takes effect on Friday.

Harvey has shut down a significant portion of US refineries—as a result, gas prices across the country are about to rise.

Over the past 20 years, Houston has developed at an astonishing pace. Maintaining its prairie land is essential for avoiding future flooding disasters.

Essential maps and graphs on the flooding and impact in Houston.

A border wall will only exacerbate environmental concerns—including flooding—in south Texas. A better plan is to restore the Rio Grande.

An emergency number targeting Houston flood victims goes to an insurance company—and other scams and fake news.

Before and after video footage of the Houston floods.

Dramatic photos of the damage and flooding in Houston and on the Texas coast.

Food banks, prescription medications, clean diapers: How you can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Why Houston couldn't evacuate: No one forgets the chaos of 2005, when 73 people died before Rita hit.

Liberals are concerned Sunday's antifa-led violence will do their cause more harm than good.

A worrying harbinger: Fastest trans-Arctic crossing used liquefied natural gas, which will accelerate melting ice.

China approved the creation of the world's largest energy company—and second-largest company by revenue.

“If a woman doesn’t want to have a child with Down syndrome, their bar for what qualifies as a life worth living is set quite high.” Are Icelanders, who have overwhelmingly choose not to have children with Down syndrome, practicing eugenics?

"People can die." Thiel and friends fund herpes vaccine trials abroad where regulations are lax.

Harvard and Hollywood collaborated to introduce Americans to the concept of the "designated driver."

A look at the history of courtroom sketches, which depict more than what happened, but how it felt.

Naval vessels don't broadcast their location data, and therefore pose increased danger for collisions.

“Emotionally spent, I retire to the back seat. I eat my first gummy around noon, and by 2 p.m. my dad and I are singing show tunes from my dad’s playlist, the songs we’ve always sung together.” Laurie Lindeen drops off her son at college.

Babylonians did trigonometry before Greeks, tablet shows—and more efficiently, in base 60.

The new world Scrabble champ won with a 74-point "carrels," a group of partitioned library tables.

“Diamonds, by contrast, could have represented the upper class in French decks, as paving stones used in the chancels of churches were diamond shaped, and such stones marked the graves of the aristocratic dead.” A brief, fascinating history of playing cards.

"Wonderwall" is by now so cliché that it's "shorthand for a lack of self-awareness."

Assembling a 33,600-piece jigsaw puzzle over the course of nine months.