Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: I’m your Venus. I’m your fire.

Phosphine, a gas produced by bacteria, has been detected in the atmosphere of Venus. On Earth, phosphine hints at the presence of life. / CNN

The air quality in Portland, Ore., currently ranks as the worst among the world's cities. / NPR

Smoke from the fires on the West Coast can now be seen on the other side of the country. / NBC News

Hurricane Sally will likely make landfall today or tonight, possibly near Gulfport, Miss., with winds of at least 110 mph. / NPR

Related: For only the second time in history, there are five active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic. / CNN

According to a secret recording, oil lobbyists know they are lying about the industry's harmful methane flaring. / The New York Times

A whistleblower complaint alleges an ICE detention center in Georgia performed mass hysterectomies on immigrant women. / Law & Crime

Amazon adds an architect of mass surveillance to its board: Keith Alexander, the NSA chief during the Snowden leaks. / The Verge

In post-election crackdown, Belarus's opposition council has fled or been arrested, save Nobel-winning writer Svetlana Alexievich. / The New York Times

A reporter investigating unemployment is laid off, and then spends 98 days trying to navigate the system they covered. / The New Republic

Dept. of Health and Human Services officials have sought to alter CDC pandemic reports, complaining the science would undermine Trump's optimistic messages. / POLITICO

See also: The HHS communications chief appears to have a mental breakdown during a Facebook Live chat, accusing government scientists of "sedition" and voicing conspiracy theories. / The Week

Conspiracy theories are absolutely playing a role in the 2020 election—some voters "appear to be inoculated against reality." / Time

"How US public opinion on eight major issues has changed or held steady over the past several presidential election cycles." / Bloomberg

A recently fired Facebook data scientist alleges the company knew leaders of countries around the world used the platform to manipulate voters, but either ignored it or delayed acting. / BuzzFeed News

A Trump campaign ad asking people to support the troops uses a stock photo with Russian-made fighter jets and weapons. / POLITICO

In a literal arms race, tanks are falling behind munitions, leaving infantry and armored vehicles of any kind vulnerable. / The Economist

An appeals court will allow the Trump administration to end Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, some of whom have lived in the US for decades. / Reuters

A federal judge rules Chad Wolf is likely unlawfully serving as acting DHS secretary, and temporarily bars the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions. / CNN

On the "gentrification font"—sleek, metal numbers that begin appearing on buildings in neighborhoods that are in flux. / VICE

You can buy Ursula Le Guin's Berkeley home, if you have a few million lying around. (No ansible included.) / The Sacramento Bee

"All of a sudden time became your friend." After years of decline, guitar makers say quarantine is driving record sales. / The New York Times

How lockdown has repaired spice blends’ reputation: For home cooks, it’s a way to achieve flavor without overbuying ingredients. / Eater

For the first time since 1986, vinyl sales (which are increasing) have surpassed CD sales (which are dwindling) in the US. / Consequence of Sound