Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: In space, nobody knows you’re a dog

More than 50 million people are traveling this weekend, reaching 98% of pre-pandemic Thanksgiving travel. / MarketWatch

A reporter is detained for wearing a rainbow T-shirt to the World Cup. / Fútbol with Grant Wahl

See also: "'It feels,' says one journalist, 'like a country that's being unboxed.'" / Vanity Fair

An AI prediction robot offers guesses on upcoming matches. And here's a general preview of the tournament. / Al Jazeera, Howler

An illustrated account of climate change by Elizabeth Kolbert, from A to Z. / The New Yorker

One thing that may derail efforts to decarbonize the economy: when it becomes too hot to work for weeks every year, not just isolated days. / Noema

In four years, the number of students graduating from high schools in the US "will begin a sudden and precipitous decline." / Vox

Universities are partnering with betting companies to reap millions for introducing students to online gambling. / The New York Times

Adam Mastroianni: When people imagine how things could be different, they almost always imagine how things could be better. / Experimental History

Related/unrelated: The Pangeos Terayacht floating city concept. / Uncrate

The MS Voyager wants to become the world's first marine spaceport, launching a carbon-neutral "spaceballoon." / Space Perspective

Two exceptionally bright galaxies have been spotted from the early Universe, "brighter than any should have been at the time." / Inverse

"99.9% of people will never get to experience what you will." A review of NASA's social media guidelines for astronauts. / Vox