Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: In space of emergency

What we know on day 111 of Russia's invasion: Zelenskiy calls the fighting in Sievierodonetsk "one of the most violent battles in Europe." / The Guardian

Ukraine still has a chance of winning, although the scope of its victory "would most likely be limited." / Foreign Affairs

Diary notes from an English teacher working for a pro-Putin commodities trader. / 1843 Magazine

See also: Putin is being very plain about his motivations. / Twitter

In "The Everything Virus," reporters around the world try to understand the past two and half years of Covid-10. / The Columbia Journalism Review

Since the arrival of the Omicron variants, the problem of delayed positivity "has gained some prominence." / The Atlantic

An algorithm developed at UCLA identifies people in Los Angeles on the verge of homelessness and dispatches social workers. / The Los Angeles Times

Starbucks may resume closing its bathrooms to non-customers, citing "a growing mental health problem" posing a threat to its employees. / CNN

"Space Bubbles," a geoengineering project at MIT, proposes using frozen spheres to impede some of the sun's rays. / Senseable City Lab

Some scientists are proposing a new synonym for summer: "Danger season." / Grist

"Vegan leather" has been cast as more green than natural fibers, when it's just another petroleum-based material. / The New York Times

Watch: The Smithsonian houses 147 million specimens, but less than one percent of its holdings are on display, reserved instead for scientific research. / TMN

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries ban Lightyear, the new Disney new film, over a same-sex kiss. Meanwhile, "Krissing" is Gen Z's version of Rickrolling. / The Hollywood Reporter, High Snobiety

A website dedicated to the history and wonders of sign painting. / Better Letters Magazine