Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Intellectual property is the mind killer.

Moderna and Pfizer predict their boosters will become annual shots for the next few years. / Ars Technica

"If it's purely left to be a commercial decision, I'm not so sure that decision will necessarily be the best one." The WHO wants science—not vaccine makers—to lead vaccine updates. / STAT

While fewer and fewer world leaders talk about defeating Covid, many scientists say it's too soon to give up. / The Washington Post

After being booted from Australia, Djokovic could be barred from the French Open, whose organizers say there won't be exemptions from France's new vaccine law. / ESPN

Due to Beijing's Covid restrictions, the general public will no longer be able to purchase tickets to the Winter Olympics, still slated to begin next month. / BBC

"Since the authorized service began operating Nov. 30, organizers say workers have reversed 76 overdoses." Inside America's first supervised drug-use site. / The Washington Post

Boston's new mayor is addressing homelessness by focusing on camps as a health concern that could be solved through housing and public services. / Bloomberg CityLab

"I may not be comfortable putting my aircraft in a position where I might run into something else. The AI would exploit that." Welcome to the internet of battlefield things. / The New Yorker

The 10 largest US airlines warn that this week's launch of Verizon and AT&T's 5G services could disrupt planes' navigation systems. / BBC

As QR codes have gained popularity during the pandemic, so have QR-code scams. / Mashable

Texas has done little to prevent another deadly power-grid failure. And the threat has only worsened since last winter's catastrophe. / Texas Monthly

"The guns purchased in 2020 also seemed to be used in crime more quickly than firearms bought in previous years." Analyzing America's gun-violence spike. / The New York Times

All about The Spice DAO, which purchased a copy of Jodorowsky's Dune under the belief that doing so meant they could produce an animated series of it. / Garbage Day

The world's first vegan violin has been produced, replacing ingredients such as hooves, bones, and the like with fruit extracts. / BBC

"I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember him for." Daniel Radcliffe will star in "Weird Al" Yankovic's biopic. / The Verge