Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: It’s pretty staggering.

The Supreme Court delivers a victory to homeless advocates and deals a setback to Western cities trying to regulate encampments.

A side-by-side comparison, with lots of video, of a homeless camp in Oakland and one in Mexico City.

UN climate negotiations end in disarray amid worries that Donald Trump will win reelection.

See also: "Labour in the UK lost the working class, but gained the woke." A landslide defeat in the UK gives US liberals pause.

Six extremely depressing climate records we broke this decade.

"Climate change, from Paris to the pullout." A round-up of the biggest news stories from the last 10 years.

A great report by Ash Sanders about the words being coined, from “solastalgia” to “pre-TSD,” to help people who suffer mentally from the climate crisis.

Goldman Sachs will stop financing oil drilling in the Arctic, and won’t support any new thermal coal mines.

“It’s pretty staggering.” When you return an online purchase, companies like Amazon often send it straight to a landfill because that’s cheaper.

Discovering secrets about ecological collapse in the logbooks of 19th-century whaling ships.

A tsunami memorial, a shrine with some old camphor trees, some very retro Japanese villages: highlights from a “pop-up walk” in Japan.

B-Corps are mission-driven by design. In Afghanistan, that includes the country's biggest telecom provider.

Watch: How facial recognition technology works, where it started, and what’s at stake.

Easy or difficult? Researchers say tackle the tough stuff first, but break it down into small milestones.

The Queen of England is hiring a social media manager. Lunch is included, plus 33 vacation days.

Wildcatters in West Texas, bank robbers in California, and more from recent new podcasts we like.

A nice example from MoMA and the BBC’s “The Way I See It” series, in which people—like John Waters—explain how they see a painting.

Visualizing a decade of Pantone's "Colors of the Year" with selections from related artists.

For some, a fish house in Cape Porpoise is Maine distilled. For others, it's overphotographed, Instagram-chic frillery.

Looking for high quality conversation on Tinder when you live in a small town is "a kind of Turing test."

When families had landlines, children would overhear the adults' conversations. Now parents just tap in silence.

Announcing the shortlist, judges, and Zombie poll for the 2020 Tournament of Books!