Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: It’s still summer. Put away your damn humanitarian crises.

The cost of damage in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria may reach as much as $20 billion.

Just 40 percent of islanders in Puerto Rico currently have potable water.

Federal aid starts to flow, but Trump doesn’t much care for humanitarian crises offshore.

Puerto Rico after Maria—in pictures.

At least six in the White House use private email for official business. Hillary Clinton’s thoughts? “Just the height of hypocrisy.”

America plays the national anthem too much as it is, but at least it doesn’t play it before movies.

Everything you need to know about football v. Trump v. America in five stories.

And here’s Kim Gordon screaming impressively for 30 seconds straight.

Macron disrupted France's system, beat Russian meddling, and is fighting for the middle class. Could it happen here?

“The sophistication of the Russian tactics caught Facebook off-guard. Its highly regarded security team had erected formidable defenses against traditional cyber attacks but failed to anticipate that Facebook users—deploying easily available automated tools such as ad micro-targeting—pumped skillfully crafted propaganda through the social network without setting off any alarm bells.” Not even a one-on-one between Obama and Zuckerberg could get Facebook to act fast enough on fake news from Russia.

Merkel may have won chancellor, but the hard-right Alternative für Deutschland is now Germany's third-largest party.

The White House’s new travel ban has no end date, with dramatic limitations on people from eight countries.

As legal revenue dries up, North Korea will bank on importing illicit money and goods, particularly from Africa.

A campaign for the final Saw movie fights against rules restricting gay men from donating blood.

“It’s just life, living it, hanging out in your bed, getting a massage from your partner, turning over—just like life.” A brief Q&A with actors on Transparent about doing TV’s first transgender full-frontal nude scene.

Headline of the day: “It's still summer. Put away your damn pumpkins.