Republicans are one seat away from taking back the House of Representatives. / Politico 

Former President Trump is expected to announce a third run for presidency tonight. Meanwhile, former Vice President Pence is denouncing him on book tour. / CNN, Reliable Sources

Michele Obama says Trump's victory in 2016 still hurts. Also, her daughters make weak martinis. / The Daily Beast, The Cut

Government crackdowns on online scam compounds—powered by trafficked "cyber slaves"—are stoking chaos in Cambodia. / rest of world

Google will pay $391.5 million to 40 states over user-tracking, the largest multistate settlement in US history dealing with privacy. / The Associated Press

Amazon may lay off 10,000 people this week, its biggest cuts ever amid the tech industry's wave of mass firings. / The Verge

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is attempting to raise fresh cash despite his bankruptcy. / The Wall Street Journal

From April, but headline of the week? "Man Who Lost Everything In Crypto Just Wishes Several Thousand More People Had Warned Him." / The Onion

A review of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new exhibit, where ancient sculptures are recreated in bright colors. / The New Criterion

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Dung beetles are digging deeper to protect their young from climate change. / Ars Technica

A study finds rats bobbing their heads to music like humans, especially when a song's in the 120 to 140 beats-per-minute range. / USA Today

Your weekly wanderlust: A cycling journey from Cairo to Cape Town. / The Radavist