Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Labour day.

The latest maps on where and how hard Hurricane Dorian is expected to affect Florida and the east coast of the US.

Trying to force rebel Tory MPs to back his government and abandon blocking a no-deal Brexit, Boris Johnson has threatened a snap general election.

Johnson can afford to lose 10 Tories and still win—but there are now 15 members of the so-called "Rebel Alliance," which means of course here is an explanation of the current Johnson-Brexit drama illustrated with Star Wars gifs.

Helpful flowcharts detail out what could happen between now and the Oct. 31 deadline for Britain to leave the EU.

How Britain managed to march from the London Olympics in 2012 to “the no-deal cliff edge” of Brexit.

Since April, at least 12 children in St. Louis have been killed by guns. Missouri lawmakers have no plans to do anything about it.

Over 900 “unhoused people” died on the streets of Los Angeles last year, where the life expectancy of a homeless man is only 48.

Between 1979 and 2013, earnings of high-wage workers rose 41%. Middle-wage workers: 6%. The pay for low-wage workers: down 5%.

The Republican-majority National Labor Relations Board rules that employers needn't face repercussions for misclassifying employees as contractors.

In a win for the New Yorker's union, the magazine’s subcontracted fact-checkers and editors will be hired as direct employees.

After recent flash flooding, New Orleans officials pulled a Mazda 626 out of an underwater drainage canal, among other debris.

Researchers have developed a gel that can help teeth regrow enamel, and that could one day be used to halt the progression of tooth decay.

“After I took mescaline, I started seeing crabs around me all the time.” Jean-Paul Sartre once had a really, really bad trip.

“It has ebbs and flows to it, but it’s largely a sort of droning sound." Researchers capture the sound of a Utah rock formation.

Police patrolled a Glasgow Ikea in response to a Facebook thread in which thousands of people said they'd show up to play hide and seek.

Los Angeles's new automated, self-cleaning toilets play a piano and strings version of "As Time Goes By" during use.

Typography made with duct tape in Tokyo's subway system, by Shuetsu Sato.