Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Laissez les freezing temps rouler.

Amid record low temperatures in Texas, more than four million people remain without power. / NBC News

"It limped along on underinvestment and neglect until it finally broke under predictable circumstances." What broke the Texas power grid? / Houston Chronicle

See also: Why does Texas have its own power grid, mostly isolated from the rest of the nation? To avoid federal regulation. / The Texas Tribune

Bourbon Street is empty, with Mardi Gras celebrations effectively canceled following last year's super-spreader event. / 4WWL

Related: It looks like today will be the coldest Mardi Gras in New Orleans since 1899. / National Weather Service

New coronavirus cases in the US drop to pre-holiday levels—though scientists aren't sure if the change is mainly due to vaccination, viruses' natural seasonality, or social distancing. / The Washington Post

Nearly 4,000 Amazon UK workers were informed—incorrectly—that they'd tested positive for Covid and must self-isolate. / The Guardian

Pelosi announces plans for an independent investigation—similar to the 9/11 commission—to study the Capitol attack. / NPR

A member of Congress is suing Trump and Giuliani under the Ku Klux Klan Act, claiming the pair incited the mob to prevent public officials from "discharging any duties." / BuzzFeed News

"To me, the keffiyeh was 100% a symbol of just how many of the people on Jan. 6th were from the military." / MEL Magazine

Parler comes back online for existing users, though new app downloads are still banned by Apple and Google. / BBC

See also: Parler users have moved on to other venues, and some have suggested the resuscitated platform is an "NSA honeypot." / VICE

Interest in the US for a major third political party jumps—with much of the support coming from Republicans who want to move further to the right. / The Week

As Republicans in battleground states rush to enact voter restrictions, research shows similar legislation hasn't hampered turnout, and may even motivate it. / Bloomberg

After losing to Ossoff in January's Georgia runoff, Perdue files for a comeback bid, this time against Warnock. / NPR

A new study shows how gender and racial diversity in law enforcement really can improve how police treat people of color. / Associated Press

Suspicious of their Bay Area home appraisal, a Black couple asked a white friend to stand in for them—and received a value roughly $500,000 above the original appraisal. / ABC 7

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