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Community leaders in coal country are eager to be the staging ground for dozens of small, "modular" nuclear plants. / The Washington Post

Semiconductor manufacturers wanting part of the $40 billion in new federal subsidies need to ensure affordable child care for their workers. / Quartz

In Montana, an investigation finds the EPA siding with mining companies against research into public health. / InvestigateWest

Twenty-three dead whales have washed up on the East Coast since December—a result of online shopping and climate change, not offshore wind development. / The New York Times, NPR

More than 60 percent of young men in the United States are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women. / The Hill

See also: To become pope, you need to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church "and you must be a man… that's really it." / Lifehacker

Dan Riley profiles Jeff Koons, "the most loved and loathed of all living artists," and hears him say "wow" a lot. / GQ

A designer is carrying out a public survey to understand how laundry is dried today, in case you care to help. / Future Observatory

Some favorite foods (e.g., tamales) have mysterious doppelgängers (e.g., zongzi). / Gastro Obscura

A writer tries to figure out why they're drawn to non-human narrators: "I fell under the spell of a submarine telegraph so determined to tell its story." / The Sydney Review of Books

See also: A text about ultraviolet lithography is "one of the most moving paragraphs I read last year." / Scope of Work

A new company wants to sell a "magic compound" pill subscription service to help women through menopause. / dezeen