Headlines edition y'all

Tuesday headlines: Lose-lose for Trump

Russia says its units are patrolling between Turkish and Syrian forces following Trump’s pullout of US troops.

An investigation by the New York Times finds Russia has repeatedly bombed hospitals in Syria “to crush the last pockets of resistance to President Bashar al-Assad.”

Kurdish forces hold out in a key border town seven days into the deadly Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria.

“With the state of play in Syria rapidly shifting, President Trump seems to have arrived at the worst of all worlds.”

Former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly called Trump’s pressure operation in Ukraine a “drug deal,” and his lawyer Giuliani a “hand grenade.”

A British family on vacation in Canada accidentally drove into the US. They’ve spent days detained with their 3-month-old baby.

The Texas cop who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson on Saturday resigns from the police force before being jailed on a murder charge.

“This was a cool evening. I'm sure she allowed the door to be open to air out the house, to get some fresh air in the house.”

Six things to watch tonight at the Democratic debate in Ohio.

Police ban Extinction Rebellion protests from continuing anywhere in London.

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LeBron James wades into the fallout between the NBA and China and criticizes the Rockets’ general manager for supporting Hong Kong protesters. 

James later clarifies that’s not exactly what he meant, maybe.

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It’s now illegal to sell, donate, or manufacture new fur products in California.

An investigation finds companies that harvest human organs, bones and other parts have upended death investigations in Southern California morgues.

A ruling in Boise, ID, is why Los Angeles can’t legally clear its streets of homeless encampments.

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