Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Make it until you fake it.

Putin's war in Ukraine has spurred Finland and Sweden to push for NATO membership. / The Washington Post

Experts say there's little evidence—so far, at least—to show Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol. / The Guardian

"I never understood how people got so moved by the Spanish Civil War, but now I can intuit it." Who are the foreign fighters rushing into Ukraine? / The New York Review of Books

Starbucks shops are gradually unionizing. Some 170 locations are slated to vote in the coming weeks and months. / Vox

Made in hopes of settling a dispute between the British Museum and Greece, a request to 3D scan the Parthenon marbles has been denied by the museum. / Hyperallergic

See also: Since it started selling NFTs in the fall, the British Museum has emitted the carbon equivalent of powering the average US home for 57 years. / The Art Newspaper

Jeff Koons is installing 125 sculptures on the Moon later this year and leaving them there. / It's Nice That

"Algospeak" are the code words or turns of phrase people use to avoid content moderation systems. Hence, "spicy eggplants." / The Washington Post

See also: A brief history of the "my brother in Christ" meme. / Input

In case you missed it, Nick Paumgarten joins a Jimmy Buffett-branded retirement community, where Margaritaville isn't a myth. / The New Yorker

Life advice from New York City chess hustlers. "You can't argue with a fool. You know that, right?" / Café Anne

"Skis are everything to the skier. There is almost no scenario in which I'd intentionally remove mine on the hill." Rachel Kushner writes an ode to Mammoth Mountain and her years as a dirtbag skier. / Harper's Magazine

Spotifictional: a streaming platform for fictional bands and musicians created for films and TV shows. / Spotifictional

See also: Nestflix, fictional movies and shows that appeared in other movies and shows. / Nestflix

What's the difference, really, between real music by fake musicians and fake music by real musicians? / Dada Dummer Almanach

Skinlayer Blitz, Vibe Containment, and other imaginary beverages, reviewed by Kevin Fanning. / Why God Why

From 2007, the rare case of a man randomly appearing in the same newspaper twice: for decorating a shop and stealing a wallet. / Futility Closet

A dozen projects demonstrate options in shipping-container architecture. / Dezeen