Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: My brain hurt like a warehouse.

In the first clemency grants of his presidency, Biden pardons three and commutes sentences for 75 serving sentences for non-violent drug offenses. / Axios

New reports show more countries are now working on anti-satellite and other "counter-space" weaponry. / WIRED

"If enforcing abortion bans is hard, that might encourage abortion-skeptical states to keep their abortion restrictions, not the other way around." What happens when Roe falls? / The Atlantic

Florida Gov. DeSantis signs a bill to establish an Office of Election Crimes and Security, just in time for his own reelection bid this fall. / Tampa Bay Times

Wimbledon organizers say Djokovic can defend his title, as the UK doesn't require vaccination to enter the country. / BBC

"Crudely put, how much force (or how great a show of force) is necessary to maintain an established moral geography?" Tracking viral mobilities in Shenzhen. / Made in China Journal

Under private-equity giant KKR, one of the US's largest providers of group homes for people with disabilities has kept wages too low to safely staff facilities—the consequences have been tragic. / BuzzFeed News

Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter is a prime example of how extreme wealth inequality is changing our society. / The New York Times

Hamilton Nolan: "The amount that a rich person feels comfortable spending on a toy has now reached $44 billion." / The Guardian

See also: A "honeypot for assholes" and other hypothetical outcomes for Elon Musk's Twitter. / Galaxy Brain

A visit to the Museum of the Moving Image's deepfake exhibit, which looks back on more than a century of mass-media misinformation. / Hyperallergic

The cognitive bias codex is a vast, branching categorization of the many errors in how we process and interpret information. / Boing Boing

The Inland Empire is now one of the biggest warehouse hubs in the US, and rural residents are fighting to save their homes from commerce. / The Verge

Why do people rarely need sick bags on flights today? Bigger planes flying at higher altitudes equals less turbulence. / The Drive

"In looking at how death rituals vary, it's important to remember that 'green burial' is a new term for an old practice." / Mic

A mesmerizing animation by Hideki Inaba shows objects in states of constant motion and evolution. / Vimeo