A Georgia grand jury indicts Donald Trump and 18 others for an alleged racketeering scheme to overturn the state's 2020 election results. / NPR

John Dean, White House counsel to former President Richard Nixon, says the indictment is "a very, very impressive document." / The Week

Record companies sue the Internet Archive over its efforts to preserve 78rpm records produced between 1898 and the 1950s. / TorrentFreak

Unrelated/related: "If it can be designed on a computer, it can be built by robots." / The Economist

Small-scale experiments around the United States with universal basic income are showing signs of success. / The Guardian

A Montana court decides in favor of young people who alleged the state violated their right to a "clean and healthful environment." / Grist 

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William B. Helmreich explains how he walked 6,000 miles around New York City. / LitHub

Your weekly white paper: "A River Runs through It: The Elbe, Socialist Security, and East Germany's Borders." / Cambridge University Press

How Parisian booksellers are preparing for the 2024 Summer Olympics: "With a diving suit and helmet." / The Paris Review

In Japan, movie audiences often linger silently through the credits, which some may find boring. / Craig Mod

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Some reflections on recent trends tying together aspects of "feral culture," anti-capitalism, and "the general ennui of our moment." / The Trend Report

Some illustrations of infrastructure. / himHallows