Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Nice vaccine hopes you got there.

The chief adviser to the Trump administration's accelerated vaccine program says media scrutiny into his pharma stock ownership could delay a vaccine. / BuzzFeed News

How the pandemic defeated America: chronically underfunded public health and an unhealthy population. / The Atlantic

See also: Trump has signed an executive order to help struggling rural healthcare providers. / POLITICO

"I anticipate living with this kind of fear for a very long time to come." How the pandemic is hurting cancer patients. / NPR

The risk for someone in Europe or the US to develop dementia is now 13% lower than it was a decade ago. / The New York Times

"Pretty weird" describes the Massachusetts Markey-Kennedy primary, where both candidates claim progressivity and continuity. / The Intercept

Why Americans believe—incorrectly—that crime is on the rise in the US: local news sensationalism and Trump's rhetoric. / FiveThirtyEight

As in many US cities, racialized real estate laws segregated Minneapolis "not by accident, but by design." / Fast Company

At a Navy Seal event, a "Colin Kaepernick stand-in" was used for a K-9 demonstration, and attacked by military dogs. / BBC

Trump says TikTok will be banned if it doesn't find a US buyer by Sept. 15th, and demands the Treasury receive a cut of the sale. / TechCrunch

French officials want to bring public awareness to the carbon footprint of the digital sector, including streaming. / Sifted

While facts remain behind paywalls, fake news is available to all—and the free market is why. / Current Affairs

Fyre Festival merchandise is now on sale—as part of an online auction by the US Marshals. / Gaston & Sheehan

"Cottagecore under lockdown, then, became a way to spin the terror and drudgery into something adorable." / Vox

Greece has opened its first underwater museum: an ancient ship that sank in the fifth century BC. / euronews

Mathematicians finally understand how stingless bees build their characteristic spiral hives. (It's sort of like mollusk shells!) / Smithsonian

Nicholas Rougeux explains how he restored hundreds of James Sowerby's 19th-century illustrations of minerals. / C82

A collection of interesting, publicly available Google Docs. / Sourceful

Stunning aerial photos of canyons, by Mitch Rouse. / This Isn't Happiness