Headlines edition

Tuesday Headlines: No, you’re the kleptocrat.

Deutsche Bank, Mr. Trump’s biggest lender, hands some of Trump's private banking information over to Mueller

Alas, none of Trump’s tweets this year made Twitter’s list of most retweeted, though three of Obama’s did.

“The Mormons came into this area in 1879. Since the day they came it’s been destruction, destruction, looting, looting, looting.” In Utah, the long struggle between developers and Native Americans hits a boiling point, thanks to Trump.

A “pretty much unstoppable” fire forces tens of thousands to flee Ventura County during what’s already California’s worst fire year.

Amid its housing crisis, Mexico erected around one million "mini-casas" that, at 325 sq. ft., are barely habitable.

North Korean defectors claim nuclear weapons testing has caused widespread birth defects and radiation illness.

A new game lets you play kleptocrat, though the chances of getting caught are much higher than in the real world.

Social media among dietitians has become toxic, where questioning conventional guidelines sets off vicious attacks.

The slippery slope of Cloudflare's Daily Stormer takedown: Even an anodyne cooking blog gets flagged as offensive.

By focusing on feelings and not discrimination, the “body positivity” movement has swerved from its radical roots.

John Oliver grills Dustin Hoffman over accusations of harassing and groping a young woman in 1985.

A history of the brief 1970s music trend of albums designed to help plants grow.

"Remove the legend to become one," goes the insight of this meditation on designing Excel graphs.

“The sort of creativity that goes into 404 response pages is fairly useless. The mythology is probably due to the irrationality, denial of evidence, and preference for the fairy tale over reality that is quite common in the human species.” Robert Cailliau, who helped develop the original web, does not share our fascination with 404 pages.