Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Noise on the side

In Florida, DeSantis signs a series of bills to limit diversity initiatives in education beyond what's required by accreditors. / Miami Herald

Related: Texas Gov. Abbott tells state agencies and public universities it's illegal to consider diversity when making hiring decisions. / The Texas Tribune

See also: What Midjourney thinks professors look like. For one thing, they're all white. / Reddit

Hospitals are building police forces to protect staff—yet police presence may undermine the trust health workers strive to build with patients. / KFF Health News

Boomers are retiring, and based on projected job growth this means a massive labor shortage that may last for decades. / Insider

See also: A deep dive into the economic circumstances—and inequalities—behind the largest-ever transfer of wealth that's now happening. / The New York Times

What it's like in Tokyo, which—of the world's richest cities—has the lowest car use: "There is simply no traffic noise." / Heatmap

See also: "In a sense, the crystal is in a state where it is still and vibrating at the same time." This is the quietest sound in the universe. / WIRED

What if our universe is actually inside of a black hole? / physics-astronomy.com

Photos from the launch of Skylab, America's first space station, 50 years ago this week. / The Atlantic

Rather than a victory for songwriters, Ed Sheeran's copyright case fits the music industry's AI goals, which require everyone to agree all songs are pretty much the same. / Dada Drummer Almanach

A concept album—written by humans and sung by AI—imagines how artificial intelligence could help recreate Earth's greatest hits after they were lost to technological disaster. / The Greatest Remaining Hits

Ryuichi Sakamoto's managers share the 33-song playlist he curated in preparation for his funeral. Listen here. / Pitchfork, Spotify