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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Not even talking about that Trump eclipse photo.

Trump's Afghanistan strategy mostly resembles Obama's. Though by avoiding details on troop numbers or what success looks like, he may hope to avoid backlash from his supporters.

Time and again, Bannon disrupted attempts to escalate in Afghanistan. Now that he's gone, Trump is listening to his generals.

"You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill." Six senior White House officials say why they won't quit.

A set of spectacular eclipse photos, both celestial and terrestrial.

“The Moon will buffer the full blast of radiation and heat from the Sun, blocking certain ultraviolet rays that are less abundant in the Martian atmosphere and bringing the temperature down even further.” During the eclipse, Earth’s stratosphere resembled that of Mars.

The next total solar eclipse for the US happens in 2024, giving Carbondale, Ill., its second in seven years.

We see what you did there: "How to tell if you damaged your eyes during the eclipse." (How to really tell if you have eclipse-related eye damage.)

A timeline of US Navy collisions over the past 20 years—there have been three in the past year alone.

The Ebola epidemic three years ago gave Sierra Leone the infrastructure to save lives in last week's mudslides.

Despite tech companies' longstanding anti-hate policies, they've been helping hate groups monetize online.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have a patchy history of censorship—it's unwise to trust tech companies, who are unaccountable, to solve hate speech.

“That’s the same density of bacteria you can find in human stool samples. There are probably no other places on Earth with such high bacterial densities.” Stop disinfecting your kitchen sponge—doing so only makes pathogenic bacteria stronger.

Artist Guy Larsen uses the shadows from a crumpled sheet of paper to inspire a set of illustrations.

Researchers find anthropomorphized animals in children's stories are ineffective at teaching generosity.

"Accidental Wes Anderson" Redditors locate real-world places that fit the director's aesthetic.