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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Nouns and fury.

European diplomats, despite recent talks, expect Trump to say he intends to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal this afternoon.

If Trump moves to re-impose sanctions, look for a brief preservation of the deal between Iran and Europe, and then possibly a resumption of nuclear work.

A good way to use language to decrease tension in a room: trust, whenever possible, in nouns, not verbs.

A giant storm in the Alps killed more than a dozen climbers and skiers this weekend—the deadliest days in decades.

Photos of the National Rifle Association’s recent annual convention in Dallas.

Criminals are using drones to track possible informants, surveil police, and even disrupt operations.

The world's "most elite" financial traders' club requires a $25 million buy-in for a "hunting license."

New York’s Attorney General, recently busy suing Harvey Weinstein, resigns after a story reports abuse allegations against him by four women.

During his first set of decisions, Neil Gorsuch has become the second most conservative justice on the Supreme Court.

Some kind of gender equality reaches tōgyū, or Japanese bullfighting, with women now allowed in the ring.

A tour of Tokyo's "Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel," or the world's largest storm drain.

NFL draft picks for the Raiders and 49ers express shock at the cost of living in the Bay Area.

New drawings on view by Joel Daniel Phillips, of the history of oil production in Los Angeles.

Reading Gone With the Wind in China helps explain how white Americans can be both Christian and racist.

Ta-Nehisi Coates details the wreckage of his own fame to try to explain Kanye.

In the US, 51% of Muslims support marriage equality, while 58% of white evangelicals oppose it.

Music video: Childish Gambino’s provocative, enthralling “This Is America.”

Per capita, Europe does more to support independent country-music artists, and Sweden has become the stronghold.

A Kansas native drives 1,800 miles of his home state's back roads and finds no one, not anymore.

An interview with husband-and-wife scientists who’ve spent the last 35 years teaching a computer common sense.

For typography buffs: Highway signs could be returning to Clearview, the typeface designed to be read at long distances.

Medical researchers and potheads are excited about the 100+ other cannabinoids that aren't THC or CBD.

Fifty percent more high schoolers vape than smoke—and "juuling" is the latest, status-happy way to enjoy nicotine.