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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Obstruction of justice and a rideshare mission.

The French government suspends a planned fuel tax increase in an effort to appease the yellow vests.

A quick explainer on who are France’s yellow vest protesters, what do they want, and why do they pose a threat to Macron.

A Republican says bye-bye to Paul Ryan—a disastrous failure who delivered on none of his promises, and under whom the deficit ballooned.

A rumor lurks in Nigeria that the president has died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor. He denies it.

The latest evidence of Trump obstructing justice: praising a witness for not cooperating with the implication of reward.

The most likely outcome of Trump's trade war with China is "modest progress in difficult negotiations."

Europe’s top court advisor says Britain can unilaterally revoke its departure notice from the EU.

How to redesign an outdated, centralized, top-down power grid.

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A moving portrait of calm under fire as professionals figured out how to save 150 stranded Paradise evacuees.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is taking the cremated remains of 100 people into space via “a rideshare mission."

Each person produces about five tons of CO2 a year. A single transatlantic round-trip flight produces one ton per passenger.

How a woman can find peace by driving around Texas for three days.

Amplifying sound over the length of a couple football fields can result in broken glass.

Linguists, feminists, Spanish-speakers and non-Spanish-speakers agree: "Latinx" is a loaded term that's far from being settled.

George Saunders and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy talk about how to transition from songwriting to prose.

Tonight: Come see TMN’s Andrew Womack talk about David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars at Monmouth University in New Jersey. The event is free and open to the public.

Marketing advice, psychology, and other interesting tips in a guide to the economics of the camgirl industry.

Why are new restaurants so loud? Minimalism, open kitchens, and the death of socially stratified fine dining.

Buck Ellison stages photographs of California WASP families.

A Toronto-based artist gets heavy-metal poisoning from a sculpture she made from ground-up mussel shells.

Out in the Mojave desert, sharks aren't scary when they're adorable art.