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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: On the internet, everybody knows you’re a jerk.

The final plane evacuating Americans from Afghanistan departs, ending the longest war in US history. / NBC News

A timeline of America's involvement in Afghanistan from 1999 to the present. / Council on Foreign Relations

"This is the least reported war since at least WWI." / Axios

The Biden administration is opening civil rights investigations over school mask mandates in five states. / CBS News

And now, Ida: From 2017, hurricanes beginning with "I" are often dangerous because of when they arrive in the most active seasons. / The Washington Post

Of Facebook's most popular posts, many are plagiarized, and another is a scam targeting US military veterans. / The Verge

Internet trolls are also toxic in real life. It's just that their attacks are more visible online than off. / Gizmodo

The Neural Yorker is what happens when an AI engine is trained on New Yorker cartoons. / Hyperallergic

"It almost works. Almost." Some of the more listenable results from AI software that can mash up any two songs. / Input

A musical retrospective of legendary reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, who died on Sunday at 85. / Rolling Stone

"How to move forward is slippery and changes every day." For touring musicians, the future is uncertain—and now. / Pitchfork

A fascinating link collection on Follies, Stephen Sondheim's 1971 Broadway smash that eventually went bust. / MetaFilter

How some video-game producers are now making options available to disabled players. / Ars Technica

Thirty years ago, a New York subway crash killed five passengers and injured 200—and finally changed safety protocols. / The New York Times

Researchers say as many as a third of stars similar to the Sun show evidence of "planetary ingestion." / VICE

A randomized selection of handpicked, beautiful Google Earth images. /

So many contests: 1) Tell us which Camp ToB finalist you want to see in the 2022 Tournament of Books; 2) We have a winner in the sweepstakes for the Everything Now skateboard deck. / The Morning News